Is Cryptocurrency Still Growing?

With Bitcoin going through a $500 million-dollar wipe-out from the market, and other cryptos experiencing a similar situation, they all seem to be losing their overall relevancy in the marketplace. Some of these cryptos have been out for quite some time, and they have yet to make any moves to replace standard currency. At this […]

Blockchain Technology Further Enables Privacy

Its no secret that blockchain technology is becoming more well known on a daily basis. Individuals are able to utilise this new form of decentralised technology in a large variety of different ways. One way in particular, is how it can help us take back our privacy while securing our private data. Hackers are out […]

Blockchain Technology is now Capable of Tracking Where Your Food is Sourced

Technology has always created a platform of convenience for our society. Not only has it made life easier and more liveable for us, but it has also put fourth new levels of innovation and operational boundaries, that co-exist with our day to day functionalities. Now with blockchain technology making its debut, we can expect new […]

Nomads are Using Cryptocurrencies to Explore the World

With how fast the relevancy and reach of cryptocurrency has grown, it’s safe to say that it’s no longer a technological fad. Cryptocurrencies persistent rise in the marketplace and extended availability have bred a group of people known as digital nomads, travellers who use cryptocurrency as their main source of funds. These individuals have given […]

Investors Speculate that Bitcoin is Leagues Ahead of the Competition

Individuals who heavily invest in Bitcoin and other crypto varieties have come fourth and claimed with full confidence, that Bitcoin is still the worlds most stable crypto currency to date. Investor Bill Miller, has strongly stated that Bitcoin is the cream of the crop in the world of cryptocurrencies, while other investors compared crypto varieties […]

Google Continues to Adapt its Cloud Services

It comes to no surprise that Google continues to further innovate the market while adapting to the latest forms of tech. While holding a strong ground in the marketplace, Google are no strangers of going outside of its comfort zone in order to increase brand relevancy and marketplace stability. Recently they announced a partnership with […]

How Blockchain will Further Integrate with Social Media

With Blockchain technology increasing its relevancy across the market and online space, various forms of Blockchain functionalities have synched with social media. Blockchain-integrated apps maintain the wow factor which many consumers will eventually lose overtime. Its common sense that many up and coming social media developers will look to Blockchain in order to kickstart their […]

Evolution of Blockchain

  In the basic form, blockchain can be seen as a distributed ledger where data cannot be tampered with or forged.  The first blockchain was conceptualized by a person or entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and was implemented as the core of Bitcoin. Although the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown, his […]

EIP and the Case of the Lost Funds

“There’s no right answer obviously, because if there was a right answer we would have figured it out and moved on a long time ago.” - Preethi Kasireddy   EIP refers to an Ethereum Improvement Proposal and is a design providing information to the Ethereum community or describing a new feature for Ethereum or its […]

ICOs: Cash Grab or Not?

  For the uninitiated, ICOs refer to initial coin offerings and are means to raise funds through a release of new tokens to fund a project’s development. Typically, the start-up raises capital in the form of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Investors that buy into the ICO purchase these new tokens with hopes of […]



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