HyperChain Works Alongside MIOT to Further Establish Blockchain Technology in Dubai

Dubai aren’t shying away from new innovations of blockchain establishments. They are currently on its way on becoming the worlds first Blockchain government in the near future, so its only natural that they’re open up to new forms of acceleration. Their strategy involves 25 million dedicated hours of economic productivity, which is channelled through a […]

How Crypto Trading is Growing With the Help of Special Economic Zones

There’s no better way to encourage business development in a specific area than with Special Economic Zones. These specific areas offer a more diversified trading platform for businesses to conduct their operations as they are given the luxury of increased trade, increased investment, and stronger trade varieties. They’re basically the perfect location for a business […]

Report: Average Lifespan of Blockchain Project is 15 Months

In a Chinese government analysis, the study found that the average blockchain project goes from boom to bust in 15 months. He Baohong of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) said only 8% of blockchain projects ever launched are still alive. He released the information as part of the unveiling of CAICT’s […]

Tron Founder Reportedly Acquiring BitTorrent Inc.

In a report by TorrentFreak, Justin Sun, founder of Tron is finalizing the latest details to acquire BitTorrent Inc. In the Tron whitepaper, talks of decentralizing the web were mentioned were mentioned, with torrent supposedly being one of the pillars. Founded by BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen, BitTorrent Inc. is widely known for its torrent client […]

Walmart Files For Blockchain Patent

According to a US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filling from 17th May, Walmart filed a patent for a blockchain based marketplace for reselling purchased products. The application is intended to be used to record a customer’s purchase on the blockchain ledger, and allowing the customer the option to resell the items on a sales […]

ACCC: Australian Consumers Lost Approximately $2.1 Million to Cryptocurrency Scams

In a report that was published on 21st May, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) revealed that Australian consumers lost approximately $2.1 million to cryptocurrency scams. The commission highlighted fake initial coin offerings, pyramid schemes and ransomware payments as the primary methods of the scam. The commission indicated the massive figure lost in scams […]

“No Compelling Need” For US Central Bank Backed Crypto

Lael Brainard, member of board of governors at the U.S. Federal Reserve, has reiterated that she believes that cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to financial stability. Her reasoning stems from the relatively small scale of cryptocurrencies in relation to the broader financial system and limited connections to their banking sector. At the Decoding Digital […]

CFO of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank to Join EOS

Sydney Morning Herald reports that Rob Jesudason, CFO of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has left the bank to join, the developer of EOS software. The resignation came with immediate effect and he would proceed to become the group president and chief operating officer of CEO of Brendan Blumer praised Jesudason’s skills as […]

India’s Supreme Court Denies Interim Injunction Against Reserve Bank of India

Last month, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) ordered regulated banks and platforms to “immediately suspend their services” to companies dealing with digital currencies. This was met with public outcry as a great number of cryptocurrency companies and start-ups were affected. 11 different representatives from several crypto-related businesses filed a petition with the Indian Supreme […]

NYSE to allow customers to buy Bitcoin

As reported by the New York Times, NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange is planning to offer traders contracts that eventually result in customers owning Bitcoin. Known as swaps, customers would purchase a contract and swap it for actual Bitcoins the next day with the backing and security of the exchange. The news comes just days after […]



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