James Jiang on Solving the Under-utilisation of Idle Computing Resources, and how he won’t be competing with IBM and Amazon.

Uranus is a project aiming to bring a viable model for distributed computing to the market and harness the power of idle computers, by using their combined experience, coupled with blockchain technology. The company wishes to “Empower the redundant computing power of the world by providing ubiquitous and shared-computing services beyond centralised public clouds, with […]

Pioneering Internet 2.0: Blockcloud CEO Zhongxing Ming’s journey to create effective internet architecture

Blockcloud is a new service-centric blockchain architecture to systematically address the mobility, scalability, trust, security, fairness and incentive problems of the internet. It aims to build a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP architecture, reinventing the structures on which modern applications run. Blockcloud reconstructs underlying technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate, and serves […]

BlockmedX Interview With Alexander Antoniou

▲ Alexander Antoniou Founder and chief medical officer   A more detailed view of BlockMedx and their work can be found here   Fintech Review (FR): What is BlockMedx? Alexander Antoniou (AA): BlockMedx is a software solution and platform for secure electronic prescribing and predictive analytics which is purposed fight prescription drug fraud, abuse, and […]

Dfinity Interview with Enzo Haussecker

▲ Enzo Haussecker,  Senior Engineer of Dfinity   A more comprehensive outlook on Dfinity can be found here   Fintech Review (FR): For those who don’t know what Dfinity is what is it in a summary? Enzo Haussecker (EH): I suppose you could just characterise it as a third-generation, Blockchain-based computing network. When I say third-generation, […]

ÆLF Interview

  Ælf is best described as a highly efficient and customisable OS that aims to be the ‘Linux system’ in the blockchain community. Ælf will interact with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Blockchain systems, featuring cross-chain interaction with mainstream chains. We sat down with their CEO to talk about Ælf’s rise to fame and discuss the […]

LendingHome Interview

  Fintech Review (FR): How is LendingHome changing the way people access loans faster? Anonymous: LendingHome is reimaging the mortgage process from the ground up by combining innovative technology with an experienced team. This has allowed LendingHome to be able to approve a hard- money loan in 5 business days! LendingHome ’s goal is to […]

WorldFree: A New Stable Coin

  Fintech Review (FR): What did you do prior to starting Worldfree? Kevin Kirchman (KK): I started my career at 14-years old as a professional programmer in banking software, working for my father’s company the Kirchman Corporation, which had 400 employees at one point. This allowed me to learn the software business over many years […]

Horizon State Interview

  Horizon State is the future of voting and collaborative decision making. Horizon State has built a token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of blockchain technology. Horizon State delivers a secure digital ballot box that cannot be hacked, wherein results can never be altered, and […]

TiENPAY Interview

▲From left to right, Victor Chow (Co-Founder and COO), William Tien (Co-Founder and CEO) and Trevor (Business VP).   Following their presentation at Blockchain Centre in Melbourne, we sat down with Will and Trevor to talk about their upcoming exchange T8EX which will be launched in Australia soon.   Fintech Review (FR): How is T8EX […]

Ledgerium Interview

  Fintech Review (FR): What is Ledgerium? Adam Wang (AW): Ledgerium is a company that brings blockchain to the accounting and audit industry. We aim to create decentralised ledger through triple entry accounting system and initiate a revolution for traditional accounting and audit procedures. We believe that the trust mechanism of blockchain could lower the […]



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