Americans at Risk of Being Targeted by Crypto Hackers

It comes to no surprise that there’s such an abundancy of crypto hackers coming out of the woodwork as of late. With cryptocurrency being operated across a decentralised platform, the early stages of its introduction into the marketplace will come with some struggle. Part of this struggle will be in the form of nasty hackers. […]

Is it Game Over for Bitcoin?

We’re all at the stage where we ask ourselves, ‘was December 2017 the age of bitcoins prime?’ Bitcoin have been slightly falling in value ever since the climax of last year, we ask ourselves this question because we’re curious on the future of its relevancy. Bitcoins price has fallen below its past standard, and if […]

Here’s why People Thought Bitcoin was a Bubble

If Bitcoin was a bubble, it would have burst months ago, resulting in its investment potential being drawn to a value of nothing. Despite its efforts to go the distance, while also remaining as a solid form of currency, the cryptocurrency is still somewhat criticised amongst our society. These criticisms mainly stem from its faults […]

Cryptos Potential to Replace Cash

It’s time to ask the question that is looming over everyone’s mind. Will Cryptocurrency eventually replace cash in the near future? I personally believe that whatever is most convenient and effective to everyone usually becomes the norm. We are living in the “digital age,” or at least the early stages of it. New waves of […]

The Good and Bad of Cryptocurrency Investing

  When moon? When lambo? Expected price at the end of the year? These questions are a common sight within the cryptocurrency community and highlight the problems of this community. I personally believe that we are at the cusp of a new technological era with Bitcoin leading the charge. However, I feel that we have […]

How to Destroy Bitcoin According to MIT and I

  In a contentious article titled “Let’s destroy Bitcoin”, MIT Technology Review discussed 3 ideas that Bitcoin can be made useless or redundant. These ideas relied on the premise that although Bitcoins cannot be forged, the idea of Bitcoin can be replicated. The article draws out 3 possible scenarios where rivals would supersede Bitcoin as […]

The 4th Industrial Revolution

  “The fourth industrial revolution is building on the third and can be characterized by amalgamation of technologies that is blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres.” - Klaus Schwab, 2016   The first industrial revolution was brought about by the development of steam engines and machine tools, marking a turning point in history. […]

Buzzwords: Be Aware

  It has been a common occurrence in ICO startups to exploit new investor’s simplicity with fancy buzzwords. Without paying further attention to whitepapers, you are potentially vulnerable to vaporware and in extreme cases, outright scams.   WHAT BUZZWORDS? You’ve seen them before, “decentralized”, “scalability”, “artificial intelligence”.   WHY DO ICO STARTUPS USE THIS MARKETING […]

A Mature Cryptocurrency Industry: Where We Are And Where We Need To Be

  There are two things for certain in this world, death and taxes, and cryptocurrency has yet to really experience either. It is no secret that the industry is regarded with suspicion and even distain by veterans of the more senior and traditional financial markets. Neither is it a secret that cryptocurrency has surpassed every […]

Blockchain’s Killer App: Money

  In the beginning… there was Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Blockchain development commenced roughly 70,000 years ago - when homo sapiens transcended their biological limits. It’s a story that has its roots in the evolution of humanity. Humans have been on the planet for over two million years. Homo Sapiens, as a species of human have […]



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