EQI Initiates Next Steps to Establishing a Special Economic Zone in Anguilla

By: Nathan Frangoulis

EQI have recently allocated a group of its professionals to invest in the creation of a compliance digital currency Bank for the Special Economic Zone in Anguilla . This will in turn establish the worlds first block chain free trade zone, which will take place in Anguilla .

Jayden Wei, CEO of Collinstar Capital, recently visited Anguilla in order to properly set up the signing process. Jayden will meet the regulators in Dominica and Anguilla in the near future alongside the former CEO of the Bank of New York.

EQI's main objective is to attract the right people to get involved in a step by step process, so they may properly establish a means to a block chain free trade zone in Anguilla. This is a huge step for SEZ's around the world, this first milestone may potentially establish the overall relevancy of block chain technology across other zones.

The individuals involved have taken the proper steps to ensure the establishment of a new nation. Collinstar and various other groups have allocated their talent and resources into operating the proper laws and functions that need to take place, investments and the proper concession will be essential in order to see through the final stages of this groundbreaking process.



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