HyperChain Works Alongside MIOT to Further Establish Blockchain Technology in Dubai

By: Nathan Frangoulis

Dubai aren’t shying away from new innovations of blockchain establishments. They are currently on its way on becoming the worlds first Blockchain government in the near future, so its only natural that they’re open up to new forms of acceleration.

Their strategy involves 25 million dedicated hours of economic productivity, which is channelled through a saved processing time. Dubai recognise the perks and advantages of operating across a blockchain platform. With blockchain technology, they are able to transfer a large percentage of government transactions through the network itself, which in turn will strengthen its overall industrial activity.

Dubai are known for being the hub of the Middle East, now they seem to be going through a transition of being the Blockchain hub of the world. Blockchain service provider, HyperChain MEA are no strangers to Blockchain establishments. They have made the decision to work on new innovative fronts, in order to ensure Dubai’s new Blockchain transition.

Dubai’s Vision Ensured by HyperChain

Dubai Sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid AL Maktorum, plans to utilise Blockchain in order to secure the cities liveability and overall happiness of his people. HyperChain view Dubai’s decision as forward thinking and have dedicated its team to design new blockchain efficiencies, while translating the technology itself into a serviceable platform. So far, blockchain is planned to be translated across sectors which consist of Healthcare, Transport, Insurance and Real Estate. However, its not limited to these sectors, as more divisions are planned to be translated into a blockchain front.

HyperChain plans to channel its blockchain vision, by working with Dubai to ensure a decentralised government becomes a reality. The whole process is very exciting for HyperChain, they believe BlockChain and digital assets are an extremely important fundament when it comes to matters involving the pillars of our economy.

This may be HyperChains strongest portfolio addition yet. Working alongside the Dubai government will help further ensure its company goal.

MIOT Partnership Strengthens its Ground

With MIOT specialising in creating a medical ecosystem that delivers an accelerated standard of great service and quality across its industry, HyperChain can find no better foundation to partner with. MIOT view HyperChain as a business which is helping the Dubai government, alongside other authorities and firms within the middle east and African regions. Both businesses are perfect for the work that is about to take place.

The partnership is mainly focused around a strategy to undergo explorational activates which are aimed to push through new focuses of blockchain. MIOT have also appointed HyperChain as the official promotional partner of the Middle East. MIOT will be able to breach new levels of innovation and differentiated forms of research fundamentals by working alongside HyperChain.

This partnership is a display of Dubai’s dedication to push through the overall relevancy of a decentralised government in the middle east. The two organisations working together will further ensure the growth and succession of their goals.

Co-founder and CEO of HyperChain are thrilled to be partnered with MIOT. as it ensures a step towards Dubai’s mission to implement BlockChain technology into its healthcare. CEO of MIOT, Simon Choi has a mutual respect for its partner. They also believe HyperChain is backed by a strong team, Shimon has hopes that the partnership will introduce new forms of cloud blockchain technology across the Middle East and Africa.




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