North Korean Crypto Hackers Strikes Again

By: Nathan Frangoulis

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange have been the victims of attacks from a group of North Korean crypto hackers. Fortunately, the attacks ceased for a short amount of time, but recently they have resurfaced. A group of malware analysts have claimed the cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea managed to stand its ground after being attacked on numerous occasions.

The hackers have been marked as organising a number of ‘sophisticated’ attacks, as they made attempts to scam exchange employees by posing as legitimate representatives of the South Korean financial regulation.

North Korean hacking attempts are not to be taken lightly, last year they managed to force another South Korean cryptocurrency exchange out of business, as they attacked during the early hours of the morning. Their attacks forced the company into bankruptcy, draining the their wallets and financial state overtime.

Koreas internet security were unable to put a proper stop to North Korean cybercriminals, raiding cryptocurrency agencies. They had managed to compromise thousands of user accounts, resulting in raiding in an abundant state. Part of the reason why this all came to be was due to Korea’s internet security not being sufficient enough.

Ever since they drove other agencies out of business, other cryptocurrency exchanges have been tightening its security on a consistent basis.



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