Zcash Gears up For New Software Release

By: Nathan Frangoulis

Zcash, a privacy cryptocoin will soon be releasing a major upgrade upon its first release of software, which is compatible with its Sapling folk. Zcash's most recent update was released last Thursday, the company behind the crypto have been actively encouraging miners and users to upgrade to its new version as soon as they can. The versions new software upgrade will include a vast amount of support functions which will utilise various user support methods implemented into the system itself.

The main aspect to Zcashes software update is its enhanced potential to efficiently mine crypto blocks at a much higher rate. The update will also fix bugs, which caused its nodes to slowly sync with each other when in the process of banning peers. The functions purpose was to properly allocate a class of attacks to counter bugs in an efficient manner, without affecting the systems usability.

Another key feature in this upgrade is the reduced storage requirements when it comes to matters in private transactions, while enabling the update of the blockchains cryptography. This version almost completely changes Zcashes usability, it properly establishes its place in the crypto format. Its main testing stage and initiations are done and dusted, now the crypto can actively take place in a proper trading format.



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