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Data, the key to making better decisions. When investing in the stock market, a single piece of data could mean that a stock rises 10% or falls and wipes an investors gains. Institutional investors pay hundreds of analysts and put hours of research into ideas before they become investments. Unlike Institutional who have deep pockets to spend money on quality research, the public does not have the time to do the same kind of analysis while finding investments to cover for the time investment put into the researching all the ideas. This is where Simply Wall St comes in; they provide institutional quality data and analysis presented visually for the public.

Simply Wall St aims to make all of their customers better investors. They want people to make investment decisions that are good long-term investments that are non-emotional. Simply Wall St wants to do the fundamental research for you. Simply Wall St does this by putting all the necessary information need for a right decision into an infographic. The brain more easily processes infographics. Unlike large pieces of text, the brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster. By analyzing the knowledge that they put into infographics, investors will be able to make faster more through decisions that will help them in the long run.

Simply Wall St has been acknowledged for their work in this industry. They have continued to build their platform. Currently, they analyze over 15,000 stocks over three different continents every 6 hours. Looking at over 1,000 data points per company before the companies snowflake is calculated. A snowflake is an instant snapshot of a company. The snowflake calculation is one of the many infographics that Simply Wall St provides to investors to make decisions that no longer require hours of research.

Simply Wall St is an app to consider checking out. Its infographics are full of data and analysis that is worth using when making decisions. For those new investors just beginning to invest in the market, Simply Wall St has build functionality that will help ease those investors in the stock analysis to prevent overwhelming them. Simply Wall St will help shorten the time for the public to find good investment as ideas take too much time to research.

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We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text – Here’s WHY



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